Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this for?

This is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level through the use of a sales video.

How does your pricing work?

We will give you a quote based on our initial consultation.

What is your video production process?

This is our work process:
1. We'll have an initial consultation to see what kind of video will work best for your business.
2. You'll make an initial 50% deposit.
3. You'll fill in our questionnaire
4. We draft up a copy of the script and send to you for edit/approval
5. When script is approved, we begin the voice recording and video production.
6. Video with water mark is sent to you for feedback/revisions.
7. Upon final approval of video and receiving final 50% deposit, final video with no water mark is released.
8. You'll add the video to your website to boost sales and conversions!

What type of video can I expect?

Our videos are typically a 2D animation (with 3D elements). However, during our initial consultation we will see what kind of video will work best for your business and will suit your needs.

How does your Money Back Guarantee work?

Once your video has been delivered, if our video doesn't increase your conversions or sales within 14 days of putting the video on your website, then you can just e-mail us and we'll refund your money (Please notice: You must provide proof and the request must be made within 30 days of the final payment)

What resolution are your videos rendered at?

Our videos are rendered at 720p High Definition resolution.

What is your turnaround time for a video?

Our turnaround time is about 21 working days, however, we look to get it out much earlier and can vary depending on how quick we receive your feedback. We like to under promise and over deliver!

Will I be able to approve the script before it goes into production?

Yes, our team will write the sales copy based on our six-point sales formula and send to you as a word doc for approval. Please note that any amendments to the script at the final stages will result in further audio recordings and therefore extra charges.

Do I get to approve the final version before release?

Yes, you get full final approval before release where you get unlimited revisions. Please note that any requests for a drastic change of the animation will result in further charges.

Can I provide my own Music/Images/Script?

Yes, we will be sending a questionnaire after payment where you will have the opportunity to fill out all the necessary details you want incorporated in your sales video.

Where should I place my video on my website?

From our tests, the best place is to place the video as close to the top of your website as possible. However, we do advise that you do your own split testing to see what your market likes.

I still have a few more questions, how can I contact you?

Go to our contact page, fill out our contact form, and we will respond within 24 hours.